Search term: Required field Enter your search term. It will be enclosed by double quotation marks by the form. If you want to generate more results, you can remove the quotation marks on the results page after you have clicked the search button.
Optional field You can specify that Google search for documents sorted by date instead of relevance if you like. You can also specify that Google look into blogs or forums.
Optional field If you know what file format you are looking for, e.g. a Word file, choose "Microsoft Word (.doc)"
Optional field You may find pages with more information about your search term if you choose "in the title of the page".
Optional field If you are looking for something in the recent news, choose "past 24 hours" or "past week".
Optional field If you know in which country the page is located, choosing the country may speed up your search.
Optional field By default, you will see 10 results per page. You can choose to display up to 100 results per page.
Specify words to exclude: Optional field If you do not want to find pages with certain words on them, enter them here. You can enter more than one word to exclude. Just put a space between the terms. If you want to add new words to exclude later, just put a minus sign before them in the search box on the result page, e.g. -sports -league -electronic.
Optional field If you choose a website from the dropdown menu, do not specify a domain below.
Specify domain: Optional field You can limit your search to your own specified sites, e.g., or, as recommended, only educational sites (those that end in .edu). If you have chosen a website above, do not specify a domain here.
Some search tips: Not sure whether to say "leave rubbish in" or "leave rubbish into", compare the number of result pages for the two phrases. Not sure whether to say "an accident was happened" or "an accident happened", put an asterisk * before happened before searching Google, to see if you can find was happened in the result pages. If it actually shows up, are there many result pages or are there only a few? Not sure whether to add a singular or plural noun after "every one of the", put the phrase in the search box to see if the result pages show a singular or plural noun. To obtain more reliable results, limit your search to only educational sites by specifying domain as edu.

If you have run out of search terms to use, click here to choose from my dropdown menus. Feel free to recommend new search terms or websites to include in the search forms to John Wong at